Alyson's New Beginnings Meditation
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Hi! I'm Alyson Charles inviting you to a meditation for New Beginnings! Our ability to evolve is infinite and because we are such powerful creators, I wanted to bring you an extremely beneficial meditation to support the shifts and turning points in your life! Are you ready to let go of the past? Do you feel there is something greater and more fulfilling for you to experience in life? Take this meditative ride with me. This meditation works with the healing elemental medicine of water and as the sound of the waterfall clears old energetic imprints and anything no longer serving you we are then ready to step forth toward a doorway of the new. Once inside the new realm you will receive powerful visions and answers that will let your new beginnings come alive! I channeled this meditation live and recommend using it whenever you feel you have had a shift in your life internally and you are ready to step into a new phase, a new portal of life that will be more supportive of the new you on the inside! More About Alyson Charles Global Television Host | RockStar Shaman Tune into her monthly Energy Forecast at Well + Good Magazine Named A Top Meditation by Oprah Magazine Featured on cover of Marie Claire Magazine + ELLE, Forbes, Nat Geo Channel... Website: Instagram: rockstarshaman Twitter: RockStar Shaman @Alyson Charles
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