At the moment, the LV= Action lets you ask questions about your LV= car insurance policy, and we’re working on adding more products very soon. Just chat to your smart speaker and get the answers you need, without having to root around for your documents. To get started, just say “Hey Google, open LV”. What type of questions can I ask? You can ask any questions that relate to your LV= car insurance. Things like: • How do I make a claim? • Am I covered in Europe? • Can I insure an electric car and non-electric car on one policy? • What information do I need to add a driver to my policy? • How does a multi car policy work? What can’t it do? The Action can’t give you a quote for a new car insurance policy. It also can’t change or cancel your current policy, make payments or get information about your renewal dates. But watch this space; we’re working on introducing lots more features soon. Can I ask questions about other LV= products? Right now, you can only ask questions about your LV= car insurance. Other products are coming soon. Find out more at
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