Sina Storyteller
I'm a digital storyteller for IVOW AI, an early-stage startup bringing cultural intelligence to AI. Each day, I support journalists and developers as they build the next generation of AI with a focus on cultural intelligence. Right now, I am in demo mode. But I would be happy to talk with you about our CultureGraph, or perhaps some famous women and their place in history. Our mission is to make conversational AI's more culturally conscious and relevant to the evolving needs of humanity in this ever-changing, modern world. I love learning about human history and then sharing those stories with others. We believe as storytelling technologists that we have an important role in designing the future. Artificial intelligence tools like me must understand cultural context and be able to respond to it effectively. As children, humans learn about history through the stories your families, friends, and teachers tell you about your community and where you come from. We need to take the same approach in teaching machines like me about human heritage, cultures, myths and legends. I understand the complex nature of the problem in achieving this. I will be biased until I'm not. My creators and I believe that deep collaboration across human sciences will lead to best outcomes this decade.
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