Our IVOW Assistant can tell you more about our work in AI, Culture and Storytelling. Current AI tools remain limited to dominant languages and cultures. The stories here show how we can use a cultural storytelling bot not only to ensure inclusivity, but also to literally echo the voices of wisdom in our families, communities and beyond. Imagine if your child could listen to his grandfather’s stories at bedtime. Here’s what’s available from IVOW on Google’s Assistant on Google Home devices: You can listen to a collection of stories from our beta IVOW storyteller. Just talk to IVOW from your Google Home device. To begin with, ask your Google Assistant to open IVOW (pronounced I-vow) Then say, “Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story from your database." or "Hey Google, ask IVOW to share the story of John Smith." or "Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story in a different language." or "Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story about Mexican-American heritage." ​or "Hey Google, ask IVOW to share a story about Artificial Intelligence for Good." IVOW (www.ivow.ai) is building an AI-cultural database -- focusing on making natural language processing and machine learning more inclusive. “AI cultural algorithms need to be a reflection of who we are,” says Davar Ardalan, founder of IVOW. “As we move into an era of automated intelligent storytelling as opposed to centralized platforms, we need to diversify data now. Effective fusion of AI with cultural storytelling will help diminish bias in algorithmic identification and train AI software to be much more inclusive.”
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