VIZO Smart
With Google Assistant, you can use your voice to control and interact with your "VIZO Smart" smart home appliances. You can easily reach the remote control of home appliances such as lighting, power supply through VIZO's home-based control products, as well as timing scheduling and automatic scene linkage control. Please visit for further information. Steps for usage: 1. Download the "VIZO Smart" app from the Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone (Android or iOS) 2. Create or login "VIZO Smart" user account 3. Enter the "VIZO Smart" application, add your smart home device, and connect it to the network, first make sure you can control the device through the App 4. Download the "Google Home" app from the Google Play Store or App Store 5. Go to the "Google Home" application, press "Add" on the main screen, then select "Set Device" and select "Google Partner" 6. Search "VIZO Smart" 7. Select "VIZO Smart" and log in to your "VIZO Smart" user account to complete the binding with the Google account. 8. Your smart device will appear on the main screen of the Google Home App. You can choose to add the device to “home” or “edit name”, then you can use voice to interact with it. Suggested voice instructions: 1. [Light Control] Turn on the light: "Hey Google, turn the living room light on" Adjust the color of the bulb: "Hey Google, set the desk lamp to blue" 2.[Power] Turn off the fan: "Hey Google, turn off the fan" Charging socket: "Hey Google, turn on the charger" 3. [Scenario] Going out of the scene (turning off the lights, turning off the electrical appliances, etc.): "Hey Google, I am going out" Sleeping scenes (turn off the lights, close the curtains, play the sleep music...etc): "Hey Google, good night" technical support: If you need support, please email us at
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Ask your assistant
Is the light on in Adam's bathroom?
Turn off the lights
Are the lights on in the dining room?
Turn on my lights
Dim the lights in the master bed room
Turn off the living room lamps
Switch off the lights
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