Super Over
Steven Bowden
You can now play a cricket Super Over with your voice, i.e. one over of bowling and one over of batting with two wickets in hand. There is a global leaderboard at The leaderboard is based on the calculation of wins minus losses. So if you employ a good strategy and get some good luck then you will start winning more than you lose. How it works When you start Super Over you will be asked if you approve of the fancy player name you have been assigned. If you don't approve that's fine, the action will simply generate another name for you. You will then start a Super Over game where you are joined by a pair of knowledgeable commentators who will tell you some important information about the pitch, field size and weather conditions. These factors affect the probabilities of the outcomes, so be sure to keep these conditions in mind when making decisions in the game. Whether you are batting or bowling first is chosen at random. Bowling You will first be asked if you want to use a Spin or Pace bowler for the over. Hint: listen to the pitch condition to help guide this decision. Then you will be asked whether you want to bowl for a dot, wicket or to force a single. Each of these options have different probabilities for outcomes, e.g. you are more likely to get hit over the fence if you are trying to take a wicket. Batting You will first be asked to pick the style of your batters, you can pick a big hitter or a stroke player. A big hitter is more likely to hit sixes than a stroke player but also more likely to get out. You will then be given some basic information about the ball being delivered by the bowler. You must then decide whether you want to play a neat stroke, defend or take a big swing. Each option has its own probabilities that will affect the outcome. Extra features - Check out the leaderboard at it shows the top ranked players and the most recent games played (up to 1000) - You can change your player name whenever you feel like it by saying, 'change my name' - Men's cricket is enabled by default, however you can switch to women's cricket by saying 'change to women's cricket'. You can toggle it back by saying 'change to mens's cricket'. Women's cricket is the same game however the commentators and players are women. - Game saves are automatic, so if you don't resume a half finished game then it will count as a forfeit on your record. - Exit the match by saying Stop or Cancel Hope you enjoy the game, and please leave a review or provide feedback directly to
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