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DEBATE CRUNCHER is the only place you can ask for specific info on the 2020 presidential candidates' positions, and hear candidates answer in their own voices. You’ll hear the candidates’ latest debate positions, available as soon as they’re spoken. No need to sit through a debate and wait for your issue or candidate to come up. You can also hear the debate's funniest moments on demand. Say things like: What’s the latest from Bernie? What does Senator Warren think about taxes? What's the latest on impeachment? Tell me something funny. Like something you hear? Say "Hey Google, share that one!". You'll be prompted to link your Twitter account via the Assistant app. Once you've linked your account, you'll be able to tweet out your favorite debate moments to your followers using your voice. And don't forget – you can always move on by saying, "Hey Google, skip" in the middle of an answer. The Action is flexible and moves wherever you'd like to go. Maybe you're listening to Biden speak on immigration, you can interrupt by saying "Hey Google, what does Klobuchar think about this?" or "Hey Google, what does he think about health care?" Go deep on an issue or broad on a candidate. DEBATE CRUNCHER is brought to you by your new friends at Sonic Sando. Reach us at
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