HomeWizard Kitchen
Your HomeWizard Kitchen devices can now connect to your Google family of devices through the Google connected home. After a few easy setup steps, you can control your HomeWizard Kitchen devices with the Google Assistant. Smart Aerofryer Give your Aerofryer a name and say one of the following: 'Ok Google, turn on the Aerofryer' - Tells the 'Aerofryer' to turn on 'Ok Google, start the Aerofryer' - Tells the 'Aerofryer' to start cooking 'Ok Google, turn off the Aerofryer' - Tells the 'Aerofryer' to turn off 'Ok Google, set the Aerofryer's temperature to 195 degrees' - Sets the temperature to 195 degrees 'Ok Google, set the Aerofryer to 5 minutes' - Sets the time to 5 minutes 'Ok Google, select preset Fries on the Aerofryer' - Selects the 'Fries' preset 'Ok Google, turn on keep-warm on the Aerofryer' - Turns on the Keep-warm feature Make sure you already have the HomeWizard Kitchen App installed on your phone and your HomeWizard Kitchen devices configured correctly. Then follow these steps: 1. Enable the HomeWizard Kitchen Action for Google assistant. 2. Log in with your HomeWizard account and grant Google Assistant permission to access your HomeWizard Kitchen devices. 3. Your HomeWizard Kitchen devices will show up in the Google Assistant App with the names you gave them. 4. Done! Test it by simply telling your Google Assistant one of the above commands.
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Ask your assistant
Pause the fryer
Set the fryer to 200 degrees
Activate keepwarm for the fryer
Turn on the fryer
Run fryer for 5 minutes
Set the temperature to 70 degrees
Is the kettle on?
Set the temperature on coffee maker to 80 degrees
Is the coffee maker on?
Turn off the coffee maker
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