To link your Moen Plus app account to the Moen Action, you can say, ""OK Google, ask Moen to link my account."" to begin the process. The Moen action allows you to control your Moen Smart Water Network products—currently the Moen Smart Faucet and Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor—with Google. With your faucet you can turn it on and off, dispense precise amounts and temperatures of water, use presets to customize your experience, and even ask Moen to wash your hands! For the sump pump monitor, you can get the status of the monitor, clear some device alerts, or when configured, ask for the next date to check a backup pump's battery water level. The Moen Smart Water Network is a growing collection of connected products that provide unmatched water management and control experiences all with the sound of your voice through your favourite Google device. In addition to some overall improvements to faucet commands, we have added three new commands that support the Smart Sump Pump Monitor: to get the status of a device; to clear alerts from a device; and to ask for the next date to check the backup battery's water level.
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Ask your assistant
Ask Moen to link my account
Ask Moen to turn on
Ask Moen to dispense hot water
Ask Moen to dispense a cup of water at 100 degrees
Ask Moen if I have any alerts
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