Sedal Connect
This feature will allow you to ask Google to voice control the Sedal devices you have connected, such as showers or faucets. Once all the devices associated with the account are detected, you can change the name of the devices. In the showers, for example, you can use the following voice commands: - Hey Google, turn on/off the {name} - Hey Google, turn on/prepare/set/regulate {name} to 30 degrees. - Hey Google, turn on for user one at {name} - Hey Google, turn on legionella from {name} In the faucets you can use the following: - Hey Google, turn on/off the {name} - Hey Google, give me/dispense 1 liter of water from {name} - Hey Google, give me/dispense 250 milliliters of water from {name}
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Ask your assistant
Set the faucet to hot water
Is water currently dispensing from faucet?
How much did I give earlier from faucet?
How much water did I give earlier from faucet?
Is anything currently dispensing from faucet?
Dispense 1 cup of water
Turn on the faucet
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Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
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