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Listen to thousands of songs by your favorite artists from the past 60 years! Guess the correct title and artist for points. Challenge your friends and family in live competitions or compete head to head against music fans across the country! Master playlists from each decade. THE BEST MUSIC TRIVIA FOR GOOGLE HOME ◆ Playlists from every decade: 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, and 60s! ◆ New music added often! FEEDBACK Email me at if you have any issues or feedback. We'd love to hear from you!
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I enjoy playing the game however there are a few issues. The system doesn't recognize your correct reply to an answer and gives you 0 points. Also, it doesn't recognize the player when you log in. The game will not pick up with the correct points and level if using multiple google minis in the same household using the same network. It does the same thing at my aunts home when I play the game at her place. I was on a winning streak in both of our homes and Google will just start things off as if I am a new player. Not cool, I'm not happy about these issues at all.
Beatrice Steele
January 20, 2019
Pretty good and fun
Brent Ferree
January 20, 2019
Its great but, I agree with the person who said sometimes it doesn't hear you correctly.
Elizabeth Eggleston
January 19, 2019
Love the songs
Amanda Roper
January 19, 2019
Great game but song quality is poor sometimes
A Google User
January 19, 2019
Fantastic game absolutely love it. More songs would be good and some more outside the US as well, maybe?
Eloise du Plessis
January 19, 2019
Doesn't work
Foody Lizard
January 19, 2019
Such a wonderful game
Yones Zokayi
January 19, 2019
Lot of the time it cant understand me like when i said repeat is wrote 50 so i got my answer wrong. Needs improvement but otherwise great game
xxxia a.
January 19, 2019
Great game! Thanks
Deniz Vatan
January 18, 2019
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