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CyberExpress (TM) is an AI-based voice digital assistant for natural language queries of your business's data and documents from your SearchExpress (R) Document Management database. You can verbally ask questions and get verbal responses of your business's information. If you get an email from Quantum Technologies asking if you have paid their invoice number 123456 and if so what is the check number, you can say "123456" and get the answer, "987654." You can ask "What is our vacation policy?" and hear the answer "You get two weeks after one year." Your employees and customers can verbally ask questions and hear and see answers derived by artificial intelligence natural language processing of your engineering documents, HR documents, policy and procedure manuals, contracts, A/P invoices and sales orders. You could let your employees search all information, but restrict your customers to searching product information. You can say, “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to start Google Assistant. You can say “Find”, “Search”, “Look up” or “Show” followed by a search word or phrase and ending with “In CyberExpress” to tell Google Assistant which app to use for the search. Examples: Hey Google, Find “vacation policy” in CyberExpress. OK Google, Find “vacation policy” in CyberExpress Hey Google, Search “vacation policy” in CyberExpress. Hey Google, Show “vacation policy” in CyberExpress. Hey Google, Look Up “vacation policy” in CyberExpress. CyberExpress works with version 9.6 and later of SearchExpress Document Management software.Cyber Express can work both with regular SearchExpress databases and natural language SearchExpress databases.
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