EAGLE AI lets you control your home network with the power of your voice. It's now possible to manage your home Wi-Fi without lifting a finger. - Enable or disable your Guest Wi-Fi quickly when you throw your next party. - Obtain your guest network name and password immediately, whenever you need it. - Reboot your router without having to push any buttons. - Carry out a firmware upgrade to ensure you have the latest features. Before you begin, you will need: - A Google Assistant-supported EAGLE AI Router. - The EAGLE AI app installed on your mobile device with a registered D-Link account.
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Ask your assistant
Disable my guest network
Update my router
What is my guest WiFi password?
Is my guest network enabled?
Reboot my router
Enable my guest WiFi
Is my router on?
What is my network SSID?
Is my network enabled?
What is my guest network SSID?
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