Here is a step-by-step guide: (1) Download "Botslab" application in Google Play or iOS App Store. (2) Start the "Botslab", register or log in to the account. (3) Turn on the smart device, and then connect it with the "Botslab". (4) You can use “Botslab” to rename the smart device, and use the new name for voice control. For example, if you rename "Camera" to "Living Room Camera", you can say "Show me the living room camera video". (5) Download the "Goole home" application from Google Play or iOS App Store, and connect Goole home with the " Goole home " application; (6) Log in to "Google home" app, click Add - Set up device - Have Something already set up - Botslab for account authorization, then log in to account, and the authorization can be completed. (7) Say specific voice commands to the Google assistant to control your device.
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Ask your assistant
Is the Babycam On?
What's on Baby camera?
Show the Front Door Camera on Living Room TV
Show garage camera
Turn off the camera
Turn On Hallway Camera
Turn on the camera
Is the vacuum charging?
Charge the vacuum
Start the vacuum
Send the vacuum home
Stop the vacuum
Stop vacuuming
Pause the vacuum
Start vacuuming
Dock the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
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