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*** Get all your due tasks for any day: - tell me about Monday - what I'm doing on 22 August? - tell me about tomorrow *** Search for any tasks (excluding completed tasks): - search for 'presentation' - give me 'invoice' - look for 'meeting' *** Change priority for a selected task (high or normal): - high priority - important - normal priority *** Change due date for selected task: - move to Monday - set for today - change to 22 August *** All your tasks in a single view (on devices with screen): - overdue - due today - due tomorrow - coming due - tasks without a due date - completed tasks (with ability undo complete or delete). *** Navigate with ease between your tasks and task lists (on devices with screen). *** Create re-usable lists, aka checklists for shopping and other things (on devices with screen). *** View of your completed tasks (on devices with screen): - undo completed tasks - delete completed tasks
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