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At Pellicer & Heredia we answer the main doubts about international law by answering the fundamental questions that may arise in your immigration procedures, real estate investments in Spain, obtaining Spanish nationality, Golden Visa, international taxation, taxation in Spain, inheritances, successions or Community Law. We offer our clients a complete legal advice service with a personalized service aimed at obtaining results in international law, labor law, criminal law, civil law, etc. We are a national reference law firm, founded by Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia, which has become one of the most prestigious on the Costa Blanca. The experience of a work team that has spent more than 20 years developing a specialized firm in International Law sets us apart. We are focused on offering the best service to international clients with interests in Spain, in their different needs and aspects. We offer international legal and tax advice, as well as real estate investment, immigration matters, and international civil litigation, among others. We consider that a service provided without quality is ephemeral. For this reason, an important part of our organization is aimed at ensuring that each and every one of our lawyers maintains a high level of legal knowledge and languages. Choosing Pellicer & Heredia as your trusted law firm means: 1. Our commitment to always act ethically, since we consider that it is the very essence of what it is to be a lawyer. This ethic implies that we will act with integrity and honesty, according to widely recognized moral principles. 2. We are capable of managing difficult professional decisions on behalf of the client, always seeking their best interest within the legal framework. 3. Our principles of transparency, communication, commitment and professionalism, which direct us to the correct way to act. 4. Our MULTIDISCIPLINARY firm, which will give you the level of quality service you deserve, complying with the ethical obligations of competence, diligence and prompt communication required by our values ​​and mere business sense. 5. We combine updated information on legal developments with service to our clients, and always respect for the Courts of Justice. 6. We have the required academic and practical certificates, as well as the titles necessary to practice the profession. 7. We will never act to the detriment of your interests and we will advise you without a conflict of interest. 8. We are specialists in the FIELD of INTERNATIONAL LAW. We speak Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Russian, and we have a strong presence throughout the province of Alicante. 9. We like COMMUNICATION and being able to be close to our clients. We organize conferences, collaborate with radio stations and the international press. 10. We find LEGAL SOLUTIONS for each problem, using the latest technologies. To learn more about us visit
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