Celebrate with Novolink WiFi RGB String Lights with voice control! Use Google Home or your smartphone to command the lights, changing colors and patterns, and create your own events. Download the APP Search “Wi-Fi D-lights” via APP Store (for IOS) or Google Play (for Android) and download it. Registration In Registration page, fill in your email address, and enter a password , then click on OK to finish registration. Sign in Enter the email you registered and password to sign in. Adding device(String lights) 1. Get in the “Home” page, and choose the correct category 2. double check if string light is power on and blubs are all shown red. It turns all red means the device is in correct configuration mode. 3. ensure you phone is connected to router, which will show on APP as well. 4. input the router password and click on “confirm”, then it will prompt to confirm connecting action 5. when you confirm, it will jump to your phone’s wifi network selection. From the network list, choose “smartlife-xxxx”, and return to the APP and click on confirm again to finish. Quick Control of string light Added device(string light) will be shown in “My devices” page. In this page, you can quickly switch on/off and set timer. Setting of device theme When you click on a specific string light, it will lead you to a further editing page. In this section, you can switch themes by sliding right or left. Moreover, every device supports customizing themes by your preference.
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