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At Somizu we build enterprise software, do IT consulting and build mobile apps for businesses. Also developers can get many opportunities with us such as partnerships and more. Also Somizu's social media services offer social media marketing and more.... *In this Google Assistant Action users can get to know about our company. *Also you can learn about our projects and you get guided tutorials on how to use them. *Also in this voice action you can experience all the SOMIZU FOR BUSINESS services. You can learn how we build software for companies. And you can request an enterprise software through this voice action. Also you can try out IT Consultation. *Somizu for Developers too can be accessed through this Google Assistant Action. Developers can learn about the upcoming hackathons and also learn about the past winners and see their projects. Also Developers can request partnership through voice only. *Also users can access Somizu's social media services. Businesses can learn how they can use social media marketing to grow their business etc.
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