National Information Solutions Cooperative
Connect with CoServ through the CoServ action. To get started, simply enable the action and log in using your SmartHub account or CoServ app credentials. Here are some voice commands that you can use: Account Balance (If prepaid, device will give days remaining) o What is my balance? o What’s my payment amount? o When’s my due date? o How much do I owe? o What’s my electric bill? Most Recent Billing and Payment History o What was my last payment amount? o What was my prior billing? o What is my payment history? o What is my last bill? Payments o You can make a one-time payment with a previously stored payment option. Current Outage Information o Is there an outage? o Do I have any outages on my account? o Is my power out? o When is the power coming back on? Account Number o What’s my account number? o Account number? Custom Alerts o Any news? o Any alerts? o Is there any information available? Help o You can request your current balance, get information about your last payment, check for outages on your accounts, read your account number, and receive information or alerts. We are always adding new features to better serve you! o You can ask for alerts, inquire about your current account balance, read your linked accounts, check outage statuses, and read utility alerts.
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