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ClickUp + Google Assistant = Magical artificial intelligence superpowers. When you first open the ClickUp Action (by saying "Ok, Google, Talk to ClickUp") you'll be given options of what you can do with Google Assistant and ClickUp: 1. Create a reminder (added to your Home as a reminder) 2. Whats in my Home: Lists all of your tasks and reminders in your Home 3. List tasks due today 4. Lists tasks due tomorrow Creating Reminders: Say "The reminder is..." followed by the name of your reminder. This will send it straight to your Home. By default, the reminder gets added to your Home for today, but you can change this by adding a different time and date - Google Assistant will ask you after you say the name of the reminder. Listing Tasks: You can ask Google Assistant to list ClickUp tasks that are: - In your Home - Due today - Due tomorrow Things you can say: "The reminder is..." + then say the name of your Reminder "Whats in my home" "Tasks due today." "Tasks due tomorrow."
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