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After authorizing the poer account, you can interact with google home, get the temperature of your device, and control the device through voice. First, how does the poer equipment match the network? 1. Download the "PoerSmart" App in the App Store, the Google Play Store, or via the QR code on the scan package. 2. Open the app and click the registration button to complete the user registration. 3. Log in to the app. Connect the phone to WIFI, click the "Add Device" button on the home page, enter the device add menu, then select "Add Gateway" and complete the addition according to the interface prompts; 5. Then, click the "Add Device" button again, add thermostat, temperature control valve, gas valve and other equipment, and add according to the APP prompt. Second, add poer intelligent heating on "Google Home" 1. Find the home page below the "Google Home" app and touch the Add button 2. Select Settings device in the menu. Under "Using Google Service", select the "has a device already set?" option 3. Find the "PoerSmart" service and touch it 4. Enter the email address and password registered on the PoerSmart App on the account authorization page to complete the authorization. 5. Once authorized, you can talk to "Google Home" and voice your device. If you encounter problems with the above process, please contact: support@poersmart.com
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