Recipe Chef
Thorsten Ludwig
Have your recipes read to you in the kitchen step by step. With Rezepthos you collect all your favourite recipes, with Recipe Cook you have access to your favourite recipes from everywhere. Say the name of the recipe you stored and Recipe Cook will guide you step by step through the recipes. Let Recipe Cook list the ingredients, indicate the quantity of each ingredient again and dictate the individual steps. Specify how many ingredients or steps you want to have, or have the recipe read to you in full. And if you forget something, start all over again. How does it work? You need an account on Here you can add your favorite recipes. After that, all you have to do is connect your Google Account and you can have your recipes read to you in Recipes Cook. First you say the name of the recipe you want to cook. Afterwards Recipes Chef always waits for your next question. For example, you can ask for ingredients with sentences like "Next ingredient","Next 3 ingredients","All ingredients" or "How many carrots do I need". If you want to start over from scratch with the ingredients, you could say "Reset ingredients". You can read out the steps to prepare with sentences such as "Next Step", "Next 3 directions" or "All Steps" and start over with "Reset directions". You can switch between ingredients and instructions at any time. When you're done, just say "end" or "good bye" to finish cooking recipes.
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