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Stories and resources about multi-day active vacation destinations for adventurous folks meant to inspire you to take an active holiday adventure. The common denominator of these adventure vacations is you have to MOVE! You're going to have to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride, or somehow self-propel yourself from one place to the next – sometimes in combination! Often these trips have a cultural component, such as a regional cooking class or wine tasting, or some other immersion with the locals to ensure a truly authentic and immersive experience. Whether you want to climb Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro, raft the Grand Canyon, walk the El Camino de Santiago, or any of the other epic adventures we cover on the Active Travel Adventures podcast, I will help you get a feel for the experience and give you the tools you need to succeed on your adventure. BONUS! I create a FREE corresponding Travel Planner to help you plan your adventure holiday. These planners include not only an itinerary and when possible guided or self-guided tour company recommendations, but also safety, weather, transportation, currency converters and other helpful links to make your trip planning easy. These can be downloaded at or just ask to subscribe to my monthly newsletter and while you are at it, ask to subscribe to the Active Travel Adventures podcast. Visit our Directory page at to scan through and listen to some amazing adventure travel holiday ideas. Each adventure is categorized so you can search by activity, cost, comfort, continent, time of year or who the trip is best suited for, be it solo, friends and partners, or kid friendly. You can find out more about Active Travel Adventures at Engage the Action by saying: Hey Google, Talk to Active Travel Adventures Once the Action is engaged, try the following commands: Play the latest podcast Find podcasts about Grand Canyon Help **For information about this Google Action, visit or send an email to
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