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Add or remove items from your list just by asking, then shop when you're ready.
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Ask your Assistant
What's on my shopping list?
Add pens and washing powder to my shopping list
Add shower gel to my shopping list
Available devices
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
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Great to be able to just tell Google Assistant to add items via Google Home. Only able to be opened in web browser, as no app available. Unless you connect to the internet while shopping you can't view the list. Why isn't an app to view and use the list available?!?!?! Limitations in viewing the list is extremely disappointing, and annoying. Virtually no options available to organise list. So much potential gone to waste, when it should have been so easy for Google to have made a really great product.
Matthew Jones (killermouse1974)
17 October 2018
Not working on phone or google home so frustrating
Angela McMillan
17 October 2018
Useless integration with Express, which isn't available in Australia anyway. Google Assistant also cannot handle duplicates in the list. Bring it back to Keep!
Chad Smith
13 October 2018
I really dislike the new shopping list function. Google Express is practically useless in Australia. Bring back the Google Keep shopping list!
Jason O'Rourke
4 October 2018
Hello words, my name is Dan Guersola Morales,From, Las Pinas City NCR, Ineed to Update to All the itimes in Amazon to shopping, to resave in to delever my home Address,
Dan Guersola Morales
23 September 2018
Not working on phone. Maybe now I need Google Home for shopping list to work.
James Gia Phan
27 August 2018
Same issues worked now not showing on phone when I ask show me my list
Nathan Flower
26 August 2018
Doesnt work. I can talk and add items through Google Assistant but cannot get it to show me my shopping list when I ask what is on my shopping list it tries to bring it up but just keeps showing working but never shows list. Also can't manually find the list to open it either. Extremely disappointed. Keep worked fantastic. This is totally useless to me. Not happy
Jenny Godfrey
25 August 2018
I use this all the time, but to view on my phone it's in a web browser. There should either be a septate app, or better incorporate the list into the Google app (or like podcasts, do both).
Dean Lewis
2 August 2018
I want to be able to use it on my main computer as well. I'm far more comfortable typing than talking or using my phone.
Julia Tarrel
15 June 2018
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