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With the Panasonic TV action and Google Assistant, you can now more efficiently control your Panasonic TV without the remote control. Say the commands of the following functions and you can control your Panasonic TV. - Turn on/off "OK google, turn on TV." "OK google, turn off TV." - Change volume "OK google, volume up on TV" "OK google, set volume 15 on TV" "OK google, set volume 5% on TV" "OK google, mute TV" - Change channel "OK google, switch to 10 on TV" "OK google, switch to next channel on TV" - Change input "OK google, switch TV to HDMI1" - Launch some VOD Application "OK google, launch app on TV" - Start Recording "OK google, start recording on TV" - Control playback "OK google, pause TV" "OK google, stop TV" - Change Picture/Sound mode "OK google, change picture mode to sports on TV" - Show subtitle "OK google, show subtitle on TV" Currently this action supports the Panasonic TV. Please visit the following website to confirm which TVs are compatible with this action. To get started, you have to link your Panasonic ID and register your Panasonic TV to control. Here's step by step starting guide: (1). If your Panasonic TV is not connected to the internet, configure a network connection. You can find the network connection setting screen on your TV by the following steps. (1-a). [TV] Press MENU button on the remote control of your TV (1-b). [TV] Select Network -> Network Connection on the TV Menu Screen (2). If your Google Assistant device is not configured yet, download the "Google Home" app to your tablet or smartphone from the Amazon App store, Google Play or iOS App Store and follow the instructions given by the app. (3). Say "Talk to Panasonic TV" to your Google Assistant device and you'll be asked to link your account from the "Google Home" app. Open the app and you'll see a card for account linking eventually. If you don't see the card, update the information by pulling down the screen. (4). Click "LINK" and you'll be taken to the login page. (5). Register a new account (or login if you're already registered). (6). After login, input the device information (Device ID and Password), and chose the Device Name. You can find this device information on your TV by the following steps. (6-a). [TV] Press 'APPS' button on the remote control or 'Apps' icon on the Home screen of your TV (6-b). [TV] Find 'Smart Speaker Settings' application in the Apps screen on your TV, and launch it (6-c). [TV] Activate control via Smart Speaker. The device information is displayed during configuration. (7). Click 'Submit' once you've fill in all the information. After that, you'll be redirected to the success page. (8). Now the setup is finished. You can interact with the action using the commands described above. If you want to configure your TV again or check the detailed functionalities of this feature, please visit the following website.
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