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Tide Genius will tell you when the next high and low tides will occur near UK towns. This action is intended for fishermen, foragers, and other hobbyists and professionals that require accurate times for upcoming tidal events. To use the action, say "Google, talk to Tide Genius". Then, while the action is open, ask for high tide or low tide at your desired location. For example: "When is high tide in Gravesend?" Please ensure the action is open, then say "help" to get more information about what you can ask for. We fetch data from over 600 tidal stations in the UK. When you ask for data about a location, the action uses its coordinates to find a match with the closest tidal station. If your location isn't recognised, please try using the name of another nearby town or city. Supported locations: - Mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Isle of Wight - Orkney Islands Unsupported locations: - Republic of Ireland - Isle of Man - Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm) Data is provided by Admiralty Maritime Data Solutions. If this Action has been useful, please leave feedback with a rating so that we can continue improving this Action!
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