The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project
The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project: Fictionshed is proud to present a new fan-made audio comedy/drama revealing the early TV adventures of the crew of the N.S.E.A Protector. In 1979, a show hit the airwaves that changed the way in which American audiences would view science fiction on prime-time television. Set in the near future, Galaxy Quest followed a small band of intrepid explorers reaching out to farthest depths of the universe. Each week audiences would follow them into danger, mystery and romance as they meet strange new races and bond friendships. The crew of the N.S.E.A. protector adventurously went from the Monday pre-film at 11 slot to prime-time Saturday viewing. With an average Neilsen rating of 24.5, coming second only to CBS's primetime show MASH. Galaxy Quests main genre competition was with NBC's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century at the time since ABC's Battlestar Galactica had just finished it's second and final season. After the show was cancelled in 1982 due to neg… Source:
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