How Great Cities are Fed
How Great Cities Are Fed takes an in-depth look at 21st century urban food systems, and how they have changed – or haven’t – over the past 100 years. Inspired by the 1929 book of the same title, this new series brings both contemporary and historical perspectives to the table for fresh and gritty discussions of topics like refrigeration, foodsheds, and the “middleman.” Tune in each month to hear nationally renowned food system consultant Karen Karp, joined by guest experts and friends from the food sector, delve into the issues and hidden workings of how our great cities are fed. Karen Karp, a respected entrepreneur, project manager and food business consultant, founded Karp Resources, a food and agriculture consultancy, in 1990. As President of the company, she leads a team of 10 part time and full time consultants conducting national projects focused on healthy food systems, regional food procurement, sustainability and food education. Karen holds a Bachelor’s Degree… Source:
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