MitoQ - Restore Your Cells Mitochondria
Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ joins Mark Alyn to talk about the mitochondria in our cells and how they have reduced ability to fend damage caused by free radicals as we age. This damage causes our mitochondria to decline in function at a rate of around 10% a decade from our early thirties. This is why we slow down as age and have less energy in general. If you're over the age of 40 are you getting enough antioxidants? Do the antioxidants you use help fight free radicals and provide energy to your cells? Sure, you take some kind of antioxidant everyday but recent research and studies indicate that our cells loose the ability to fight free radicals as we age. Greg discusses an antioxidant that is clinically shown to work with the mitochondria providing energy back to the cells and back to life. This process is intricately linked to the aging process and gets progressively worse as we get older. We start to notice the reduction in mitochondrial energy in our forties as our skin cells ar… Source:
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