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The Black Lotus Connection B.L.C. radio Nzun(nekhen). Its ancient name is NzunNo and the nile port is nzunprt coptic(Nekhen) greek(Hierakonpolis) Nekhen is located in Egypt NekhenNekhen Location in Egypt Coordinates: 25°5′50″N 32°46′46″E Country Egypt Time zone EST (UTC+2) • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC) O48 niwt or O47 n niwt Nekhen in hieroglyphs Hieraconpolis redirects here; for the ancient fortress in Egypt called Hieracon, see Hieracon Nekhen /ˈnɛkən/ or Hieraconpolis (/ˌhaɪərə kɒnpəlɨs/; Ancient Greek: Ἱεράκων πόλις hierakōn polis, "city of hawks",[1] Arabic: الكوم الأحمر‎, Al-Kom Al-Aħmar, "red mound"[2]) was the religious and political capital of Upper Egypt at the end of the Predynastic period (c. 3200 – 3100 BC) and probably, also during the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3100 – 2686 BC). Some authors suggest occupation dates that should begin thousands of years earlier. Contents [hide] 1 Horus cult center 2 "Fort" 3 Oldest known… Source:
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