Couchsurfing Euro Experience - Jonobie Productions
My name is Jonathan Paiz and I had an amazing journey traveling throughout Europe with a little orange backpack for a month. During my travels I met people that became close friends through a website My travels took me to Rome, Italy, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Palma, Mallorca, Spain, London, England, Oslo, Norway, and Wroclaw, Poland. At each location people with big hearts that I have never met before hosted me and let me sleep on their couch, spare bed, or sometimes waiting with me at a train station. These wonderful people also opened up their own personal lives and let me record them to further understand why they host random people, why they love Couchsurfng, and who they are personally. I hope you enjoy the interviews and have a better understanding that there are beautiful minded people that are kind, warm, and brilliant. Don’t be afraid to explore the world around you, because when you have an open mind you’ll find a world with endless st… Source:
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