Dice For Brains Podcast
The Dice For Brains Podcast is an actual play show telling serialized stories through the course of a season with the assistance of Fantasy Flight Games amazing RPG - Star Wars: Force and Destiny. The show features actors, artists, storytellers and straight-up nerds coming together to produce an organic, unapologetically STAR WARS, narrative every week. The seasons progress in chronological order, but will function as stand alone tales. Jump in whichever season suits your fancy. Season 1-3: The Kido Rebellion Trilogy - Follow the adventures of three force sensitive characters in the blockaded Anoat sector shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star. Season 4+: A New Nexus - Four years after the battle of Jakku, some co-workers are dispatched to deal with truth, lies, and the force in a post civil war galaxy. Source: http://diceforbrains.libsyn.com/rss
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