My Heart Exposed Podcast: Love, Sex, Relationships... God's Way.
Newlyweds David and Ally Brown discuss your most pressing relationship questions while uncovering the naked Biblical (yes, Biblical) truth behind topics we don’t seem to learn enough about… or, let’s face it, we don’t consistently obey. Offering hilarious stories, powerful truths, witty best-friend-banter and practical takeaways, they focus on love, sex, and relationships… God’s way. Are you a Christian who is trying to navigate love and life but tired of the “dating scene” and waiting for “the one” is getting really old? Or maybe you’re married but would love some healthy REAL conversation about sex, communication, or spiritual growth alongside your mate? DAVID AND ALLY ARE LOVERS-OF-JESUS, ANNOYINGLY-IN-LOVE SPOUSES, ONLINE-DATING SURVIVORS, TIRED-BUT-HAPPY PARENTS (AND NOW STEP-PARENTS) THAT WANT TO EXPOSE THEIR HEARTS AND GROW ALONGSIDE YOU. THEY WILL ENCOURAGE YOU THROUGH KNOWLEDGE, SELF-REFLECTION AND HOPE OF GOD’S ULTIMATE PLAN FOR TRUE, LASTING, AND… Source:
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