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We live with controversy and debate everywhere. But now and then one event or series of events will throw a conflict over the edge. We’ve seen that it can be an act by one individual, a protest, a storm or even a presidential election. Wildlife Conflict Untangled is a podcast by WildSides, a non-profit that explores human-wildlife interaction: From Conflict to Common Ground. Visit us at www.wildsides.org. Narrated by Jeff Mittelstadt you will join him as he learns about what causes conflict to escalate, the similarities among opposing viewpoints, and the difficulty and importance of understanding different sides of an issue. Our first season concentrates on the endangered red wolf in northeastern North Carolina. You get to join Jeff as he explores a new place, immerses himself in experiencing life in northeastern North Carolina, learns from amazing people with differing opinions surrounding the conflict over red wolves and navigates the federal evaluation that will determine the futu… Source: http://www.wildsides.org/wildlife-conflict-untangled?format=RSS
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