For more than 45 years author Mark Pritchard – who writes with his spiritual name Belsebuub – has been exploring metaphysical phenomena through first-hand experience. Born in the UK, Belsebuub has always had an interest in the paranormal. He grew up in a home with poltergeist activity, had many psychic and supernatural experiences as a child, and began searching for spirituality from a young age. In his adult years he dedicated himself fully to spiritual practice and exploration, becoming proficient in out-of-body experiences and pursuing a process of enlightenment which he states has been referenced in a number of spiritual texts and traditions throughout time. For over 10 years Belsebuub ran free spiritual courses both online and in person, which focused on enabling someone to use simple, timeless, and effective techniques to explore spiritual realities first-hand. These included practices for remembering dreams, having out-of-body experiences, increasing consciousness, underst… Source:
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