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On this show, we talk with experts and influencers in music education who regularly work with children. For season 2, I'm now asking a bigger question, "Is music education designed correctly?" In the next episodes we will be exploring: - the psychology of music teaching - the most innovative models of teacher, student and parent learning - the journey to the world's top music conservatories - And conversations with guests like Scott Smith, Lori Bastien, Carla Cash, Mike Springer and Keith Snell that will make you rethink music education. What we're exploring this season is the current story that music education as it is taught may not be designed to help all kids learn music. The latest research by Karen King says that the music lesson dropout rates are at 80% after taking 3 years of lessons. 80% dropout after three years! Is this the sign of an education system that's even working? Is music education only a system that is designed for the elite students? What happens to the 80% of… Source: http://oclef.libsyn.com/rss
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