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This is a recording of the first edition of the Be Of One Mind book. Thank you to Amanda Gray for lending her voice for the recording. Enjoy. In this book you will find tools and ideas to help you to awaken to your spiritual identity as a co-creator with God. It consists of a theoretical explanation of this thought system, and practical tools for its daily application. Together, along with your commitment and determination, they will help you to your remembrance of a shared reality. In its most practical and simplest description, this book aims to help you to: * Observe and study your own mind * To understand the common elements between your mind and all minds. * Learn that you are responsible for the thoughts you think. * Understand that responsibility is not guilt but a correction through empowerment. * Experience that your thoughts have a direct influence on how you experience any given situation. * Remember that you have the ability to change your mind, to forgive, to und… Source:
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