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UX3 Restoration Radio was born of a 35 year plus, single-minded crusade to restore John's own body, mind and spirit using every expert and technology available. Nutritionists, physiologists, olympians, professional athletes, celebrities, anti-aging doctors, cardiologists, top business people, personal development experts and the list goes on. John has tirelessly interviewed thousands of the brightest thinkers in all these areas and now he is doing this on UX3 Restoration Radio so you can listen in. Welcome to restoring your own life! Most of us are born with healthy bodies, minds and spirits. Poor choices, environment and tragedy can throw us off track. You can now take control of your body, mind and spirit and have them work in unison, like they were designed to do. You can perform far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick or living in constant turmoil and stress. It used to take a lifetime to dramatically change your body, mind and spirt this way. Tech… Source: http://ux3nutrition.com/category/podcast/feed/
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