Daily Meditation Podcast
You might not always have time to sit down and meditate. But you can still do a simple meditation technique to help manage stress triggers throughout your day, and to help you sleep better. Join meditation guide, Mary Meckley, as she shares a different meditation technique every single day customized around a weekly theme to explore a particular topic in-depth. Each week you're introduced to a brand new meditation series. Each day you learn how to do a particular meditation technique. And because Mary believes it's not just meditation... it's a lifestyle... she shares a lifestyle tip in each episode. Sunday: Visualization Technique + Reflection on the past week Monday: Affirmation Technique + Mindset for the new week Tuesday: Breathing Technique + Healthy Body Tip Wednesday: Mudra Technique + Feed Your Spirit Tip Thursday: Chakra Technique + Productivity Tip Friday: Review the Week's Techniques + Herbal Tea + Fun Saturday: Walking Meditation + Relationship tip Mary answers your medi… Source: http://thedailymeditationpodcast.libsyn.com/rss
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