The Peace Revolution Podcast (Archive Stream 2006-Present)
The Peace Revolution Podcast acts as a virtual classroom for adults, designed to point out and provide useful resources and information pertaining to history, philosophy, economics, politics, and other subjects; to enable individuals to act responsibly and attain life, liberty, and happiness. Each episode contains a subject of study essential to a comprehensive understanding of reality; all of which is focused on providing you with the historical lineage of the topic, as well as context, references, and the various methods and tools, so that you can learn for yourself… thus providing you with a service which public schools simply cannot afford to provide. In colloquial terms, it’s like an educational mix-tape which makes learning interesting and fun, while sparking your interest to expand your horizons and enjoy Cognitive Liberty. With over 500+ hours of educational curriculum for adults, The Peace Revolution Podcast is consistently ranked #1 in the Higher Education category on… Source:
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