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When People Talk is a show about... a lot of things. A written introduction of the show doesn't exactly do it justice, but here it goes: Every month I, Brittany Doyal, choose a theme or a question or a topic of some sort and I talk to 4 different people about that "thing," (giving you one episode a week). It doesn't sound too interesting or exciting, even to me, but this show is about something more than just the questions I have or the topics I come up with. This show is about listening to people who are younger or older than myself, who live in different places around the world, people who have had different experiences than I have, different upbringings, different thoughts and beliefs than I have... I get to chat with some really, really cool people and what I am able to take away from each conversation is more valuable than my guests will ever know. This show is funny and charming, it can be sad and emotional, sometimes it's educational, and I hope that it's always interesting. Thi… Source: https://whenpeopletalkpodcast.com/feed/
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