Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Welcome to Love Your Life, a Law of Attraction podcast with Jennifer Bailey meant to inspire, uplift, and add more joy to your life. Each week Jennifer dives into a specific aspect of Law of Attraction and offers both a primer (think Law of Attraction 101) and practical application (i.e., how do I make this work in my life?) A Law of Attraction enthusiast, she explores, deconstructs and interprets Law of Attraction for living a more joyful life. Basically, this podcast is obsessed with this quote from Abraham: “Let your standard of success be your achievement of joy. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe.” So … how can Law of Attraction help YOU live more joyfully and love your life? How can Law of Attraction help YOU line up with the resources of the Universe? Jennifer offers practical, bite-sized advice about how to make the Law of Attraction work for you—for more abundance, joy, love, appreciation, freedom, emp… Source:
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