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Pathwork is a body of practical spiritual wisdom that offers an exhilarating journey of personal transformation and wholeness down to the very core of ones being. It’s both vast and subtle, so any summary can be no more than a bare bones description. But three primary aspects are: 1. Self-awareness: We strive to know ourselves completely, to see ourselves without flattering illusions, and especially to make the unconscious conscious. Unconscious beliefs are more powerful than conscious ones, because we can’t examine them, see their irrationality, or change them. 2. Self-acceptance: We take a matter of fact approach to our own development. We are flawed human beings who still have much to learn and there is no shame in that. Real change takes time and effort, and beating ourselves up because we are not already further along is counter-productive. 3. Self-responsibility: Our lives are our own creations and over the long run, there is perfect justice. There are no victims. W… Source:
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