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VoidStar Podcast is series where we talk to the top class achievers in tech and take a peek at the secrets to their excellence. I have constantly wondered how top achievers in tech, especially, people who have proven track record of being excellent at say coding and developing huge open projects. Are they gifted people with extra-terrestrial abilities or are they mere mortals who share several drawbacks with the rest of us but do just enough things right, consistently. In early 2017, I set myself to start a podcast series where I would talk to top class achievers in tech and try to uncover any patterns in their habits, routines and approach. The interview format is an informal conversation with the guest for anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. If it’s much longer the episode is split into smaller chunks. My aim is to have a podcast that helps developers learn a new trick, be motivated to solve an important problem or simply do a bit more with your day. Hopefully, the show i… Source: http://www.mycpu.org/images/voidstar_podcast.xml
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