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Lambot is an intelligent vacuum robot equipped with autonomous localization and navigation ability. With its bright eyes (the laser range scanner) and brilliant brain (the core algorithm chip), it explores its surrounding environment automatically and plans an ideal path for sweeping. Meanwhile, it keeps the areas where it has cleaned in mind and will load the maps of those areas quickly in its next task. Lambot improves its working efficiency via continuous learning so as to realize a clever walking as well as a clean sweeping. With Lambot mobile application and cloud services, you can remotely schedule cleaning tasks for your vacuum robot, check its performance and even directly control the work of your robot in real time. [Spot Sweeping] You can choose a point on the map where you want Lambot to sweep. Once click the Start button, Lambot will automatically go to the chosen place and start sweeping that area. [Set Sweeping Area] You can set one or more sweeping areas on the map via Lambot mobile application and name for each one. Each area support to set its sweeping times respectively. [Software Virtual Wall] You can add one or more software virtual walls on the map via Lambot mobile application to limit the working area of Lambot. Without additional accessories like beacons, save your labor, time and money. [Restricted Area] You can add one or more restricted areas on the map via Lambot mobile application. Once you add the areas successfully, Lambot will not enter those areas during sweeping and the restricted areas will be saved for future usage, so you don’t need to set it repeatedly. [Task Resume] If the Lambot battery gets lower than 20%, it will automatically go back to the charging station to fully recharge itself and then automatically return to where it left off and complete the rest task. [Restart Localization] If Lambot is moved elsewhere manually or unexpectedly during sweeping, it will restart localization. Once Lambot restarts localizing itself successfully, it will resume the unfinished task and make up for the areas left out. [Task Schedule] Lambot mobile application supports to schedule sweeping tasks for Lambot. You can schedule a sweeping task to occur only once or repeatedly. Lambot will start sweeping task at the scheduled time and then go back to the charging station automatically. [Do Not Disturb Mode] You can enable the silent mode via Lambot mobile application. During this mode, Lambot will not resume sweeping for paused tasks and not send out voice prompts automatically. [Parental Lock] Lambot mobile application supports to enable parental lock mode. Once enabled, Lambot will only support to reset WiFi, power on and power off, and you cannot start sweeping or spot sweeping by clicking the buttons on the robot. If you want you start a sweeping task for your Lambot, you can only set it in your mobile application. Contact Us Thank you for supporting Lambot vacuum robot. If you need any help when using our product, please feel free to contact us via: Email:
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