Fleetsu Driver
Turn any mobile phone into a GPS tracking device. Visit fleetsu.com register and start managing your fleet today. Fleetsu Driver is a companion GPS tracking app for fleetsu. It allows you to track your driver via their mobile devices in a real-time, without a need for specialised hardware. You can then analyse and manage the data in Fleetsu web application. Visit Fleetsu.com for more information. Features: - Use your existing mobile devices for GPS tracking. - Enhance driver safety with in-app check-in and duress - Protect driver's privacy with tracking only when on-duty - Use Fleetsu Web Application to analyse data Benefits: - Get access to real-time driver location - Monitor hours of work with on-duty/off-duty functions - Capture the location arrival and departure times - Record accurate time spent on site - Monitor driver speed - Use driver activity profile to monitor fatigue and improve safety If you have any questions, please contact us at support@fleetsu.com or chat with us on our website - fleetsu.com. Have a good day!
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