Sound Profile (Volume control)
Sound Profile allows you to automatically change the volume based on specific conditions such as time, location and events. You can also create multiple profiles and switch between them easily, ensuring that your sound settings are always set to the appropriate level for the situation. For example, from a quiet profile at night to a louder profile during the day or a calls only profile while being at work. Sound Profile differentiates your calls volume and your notifications volume, allowing you to set a specific level for each one. Sound Profile easily controls the Do Not Disturb mode of your device where you can specify, depending on each profile, a list of allowed favorite contacts. In a silent profile, the calls and/or messages from specific contacts could be allowed to reach you. Profiles can be activated with a time limit so you will never forget your phone again in "silent mode". For example, activate "meeting mode" for just 30 minutes. You can also schedule the profiles to be automatically activated at specific times according to your week planning. For example, at 6:00 am activate Loud, at 8:00 pm activate Silent. You can personalize the look of your device assigning a specific wallpaper to each profile to easily differentiate between them. In silent profiles it is also possible to allow the "repeating callers" to sound. If someone calls you multiple times within a certain time frame, the calls will come through. Ignore spam, just accept your important calls. Relax, and let Sound Profile help you with your Digital Wellbeing and Mindfulness. ⭐Tasks and Events: -Activate profile "Car" when my car Bluetooth is connected. -Activate profile "Home" when my home Wi-Fi is detected. -Activate profile "Job" when getting close to my job. ⭐Autodialing: -Activate your voicemail in a profile and deactivate it in another. -Activate call forwarding. ⭐Android Calendar: Activate profiles depending on your Calendar events or reminders. ⭐Notification Exceptions: Define parameters for specific apps that you will allow to sound. For example, in a Silent profile allow the "Fire alarm" or "Door alarm" messages to sound. ⭐More features: -Display a reminder every time you enter a specific location. -Execute external apps depending on conditions: If headphones are connected, then open Spotify. -Set the screen timeout and screen brightness according to the activated profile. -Have different ringtones: A more discreet one when at work but your favourite music when at home. -Set the starred contacts: Your coworkers when at work and your friends during the weekend. -Lock volumes to avoid being modified accidentally by pressing the side buttons. -Extended notification: Displays the sound profile, as well as provides access to quickly activate the most used profiles. -Google Assistant: Activate your profiles with your voice: "Hey Google, activate Silent for 30 minutes, then activate profile Loud". -Automation apps: Let other automation apps (like Tasker, AutomateIt, Macrodroid...) activate the profiles created in Sound Profile. -Shortcuts: Create icons on the homescreen that provide quick access to a profile with parameters. This app is not free. After the trial period it requires a small low-cost subscription. For questions or suggestions please contact me at
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