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This 📻 AM FM Radio is one of the most popular applications in its category. It features a lot of FM stations and a handy tuner. 🟢 It occupies minimum space in your device's memory 🟢 It consumes minimum Internet traffic. 🟢 Its design is sleek and its interface is intuitive 🟢 It takes you just one minute to figure out how it functions No matter where in the world you are currently, you'll be able to enjoy top-notch music of any genre. How to Use FM & AM Radio When you open this local radio, you'll immediately notice two buttons in the center of the display: 🟨 Stations 🟨 Favorites One of the most useful features of the application is the in-built alarm clock. Push the corresponding icon and let the app know when the alarm clock should go off. You'll be able to choose the days of the week when you'll need this function. The app will ask you to indicate the radio station that you want to listen to as you wake up. Also, you can fine-tune the settings of the alarm clock so that it turns off automatically in a while. Otherwise, you might want to stop it manually. How to Find Local Radio Stations To find free radio stations of any genre, you need to push the corresponding button on the main screen of the AM FM Radio app. The menu contains five sections. 🔷 Countries 🔷 Locals 🔷 Favorites 🔷 Last 🔷 Best The app will offer you an extensive list of AM/FM radio stations, sorted in alphabetical order. You will see the name and logo of each free station. To add any of them to your favorites, you should push the star button. Since the selection is extremely vast, you might want to check the Best section from the onset. In the lower part of the display, you can push the Play button. You'll start listening to the first live radio station that the Radio FM AM app suggests. Then, you can push the forward or backward button to switch to another station.
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