Type S LED
ADC Solutions USA, LLC
The Type S LED App allows you to control and customize your Type S Smart Lighting products for automotive and home personalization. Select from 49 colors and unique lighting modes including strobe, music, fade and more. Create and save up to 10 presets for special occasions, set brightness and light effect speed to your preference. Type S LED requires Bluetooth 4.0 and up. EASY INSTALLATION! • Power by using 12V plug or Hardwire • Flexible/bendable light strip with 3M™ self-adhesive tape • Light strips are water resistant • LED strips can be cut to fit Here are the Type S Smart Plug & Glow™ Lighting products available Smart Plug & Glow™ Lighting Series: • 48" Smart Lighting Deluxe Kit • 24” Smart LED Starter Kit • 4PC Smart Micro Light Kit • 72” Smart Trim Lighting Kit (Available Late October 2016 at AutoZone) • 7” Smart Panel Light Kit (Available Late October 2016 at AutoZone) • Smart LED Dome Light Kit Smart Off-Road Lighting Series • 8" Smart Light Bar Kit (Available Late October 2016) • 4" Smart Work Light Kit (Available Late October 2016) • 3" Smart Running Light Kit (Available Late October 2016) • 6" Smart Running Light Kit (Available Late October 2016) Smart Exterior Kit • 72" Smart Exterior Lighting Kit (Available Late October 2016)
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