ERA Smart Home
ERA Home Security Ltd
The new ERA Smart Home is a fully integrated security system, that combines Alarm Protection and Cameras all within one easy-to-use smartphone application, allowing full control and access from anywhere, anytime. Serious about Security, the ERA Smart Home brings dual path communication. With this system moving fluidly between Wi-Fi and built-in 4G Roaming Sim, ensuring that in the event of a broadband failure, the alarm continues to operate at its optimum performance level to keep your property secure and your cameras online which enables uploading of footage to the cloud on alarm trigger. * The Protect System gives ultimate control over property security; with adjustable settings and home mode meaning the perimeter of the building can be armed, whilst allowing free movement inside. Even more, you can now opt for PROFESSIONAL MONITORING on a short term or longer-term basis which means in an alarm trigger situation, someone else is also taking care of your security and can alert the authorities if required. We recommend that installing the Smart Home Internal or External Cameras alongside the ERA Protect Alarm System, which works seamlessly within the same smartphone app, allowing live view HD video and sound streamed directly to a smartphone. The cameras also store video 24/7 to the cloud on detecting motion, which is logged against time and dates for back up and later viewing. The ERA Protect Alarm System, TouchKey, or the Cameras, can be purchased individually and used as standalone security items. Additional accessories are available such as sensors and external sirens. * The ERA Smart Homecan be used without Monthly fees or Subscriptions but use of the full functionality does incur a one off or monthly subscription fee. ERA Smart Home Features: • Alarm & Camera control via one smartphone APP • Dual path communication • Over the Air updates • 1080p HD Live View - Night & Day • Cloud based video recording accessible via the event log • PIR motion Detection • Two Way Talk (Floodlight Camera Only) • TouchKey For more information please see our website:
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